Thursday, January 22, 2009 § 0

So here goes.

My first blog post. Though technically, it's not. I've got another blog for school, but I made this one for personal stuff, random stuff I just wanna talk about, and hopefully share it with some other people as well.

Moving on,

I want to write this first post about photography. I really only started taking pictures this summer, when I went on vacation to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. I think there's something about those places that really made me want to take pictures and document the experience. With a new camera (a fairly cheap point and shoot); I took over a thousand pictures taking up space in my hard drive. Some of them turned out pretty great.

But the problem is that after coming home I haven't taken nearly any photographs, which is really kind of sad. Instead I've been editing a lot of my photos from my vacation, which while rewarding in it's own way, isn't the same.

I've decided to start carrying my camera with me everywhere. One of the benefits of a point and shoot is how small it is. I can easily slide it into my pocket.

Hopefully this will spark the creativity in me (yay for cliches =]).

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