Saturday, February 7, 2009 § 1

Kids at our school took the plan test like a month ago. It’s basically a practice test for the ACT, which also gives you some suggestions on what career you’d be well suited for.

On the test, there was a section where you check a box if you want colleges to be able to contact you. I did, and now I’ve been getting close to ten emails everyday. At first, I thought it was really obnoxious, but now I think it’s actually pretty cool. It’s getting me really excited about college.

I’ve gotten emails from NYU, Rice University, Columbia and Stanford.

I know that they send these emails out to loads of people, but it’s still exciting, and my interest is definitely piqued.

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  • Diana says:

    The same thing happened to me. I have a bunch of unopened letters just sitting on my desk. My parents got mad because they wanted me to open every single letter and write every single college back. When I first started getting them, my mom was extremely happy and proud because she thought the "we're impressed by your achievements" was real and that they only sent it to successful students. Anyways, I guess it does help create excitement about college but for me it's more of a mix of nervousness, fear and excitement.

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