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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 § 0

Online shopping is something I do when I’m bored and or procrastinating doing homework. I do this along with facebook stalking, blog reading, blog writing in my free time.

One of the blogs I read posts a “Good Deals” section every day. One of them was about a sale going on at a t-shirt site,*. It’s a really cool site, people submit designs, more people (you and me) vote on them, and every week the site founders pick some to print, paying the designer in the process.

There are some really cool designs. So when I got home from play practice today (I’ll talk about that later) I saw the “deal” and it was for a spring cleaning going on at* with t-shirts going for 5$ (and 10$ and 15$ but it’s the 5$ that caught my eye). So I head over to the site, and twenty minutes later, I’m out about 22$ (3 t-shirts plus shipping and tax).

Here they are:

*These are my “specific” links, where if you buy something I get a three dollar credit for my next purchase. If that skeeves you out here’s a normal link.

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