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Saturday, May 16, 2009 § 0

On Thursday morning I took my ap world test.

It wasn’t that much fun.

The multiple choice part was okay, I don’t have a problem with multiple choice tests, I could pretty much do them all day (not really, but whatever).

The essays sucked though. They were on really random topics, and we had to write three of them.

One was on about change and continuity on the silk roads from 150BCE to 1450CE. That’s pretty much the vaguest question ever, but almost made it harder.

The compare and contrast essay was about racial ideologies (I’m not even sure I understood what that meant) and their effect on society in North America and Latin America. What?!?

I’d tell you about the multiple choice questions but I’m not allowed to talk about them. Ever. My score would become invalidated (gasp). It was crazy, after we took that part of the test they made us reseal the booklets.

I’m just glad its over.

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